In the past 20 years, Private Life Insurance companies were given permission to function and since then, the Life Insurance Industry has bloomed in India. However, it is astounding to know that not everyone in the country is aware of the importance and the need for a life insurance policy. Even though individuals possess basic information of the need to have a policy to save for the family’s future, they do not have complete knowledge and awareness of how to go ahead with it.

For almost as long as the industry’s inception, life insurance agents have been selling life insurance policies in India. People who sell insurance policies on behalf of a particular insurance company with a license from the insurance regulator are called insurance agents. This has been a major channel of distribution for life insurance companies. Owing to the rapid pace of growth of the insurance industry, the number of agents has also sprung up. Statistics state that as of March 2018, there are more than 20 lakh life insurance agents in the country.

Thus, as a life insurance agent, you must by all means, put the client before yourself and the insurance company you represent. Your client’s well-being and financial security should be your top most priority. It is extremely important for you to understand the client’s requirements and advise a suitable policy that will fit their financial capability and need. To do this, you need to be well-studied and well-informed as well.

Essence of being a good life insurance agent:

Being a life insurance agent, the most difficult part of your job is probably convincing your prospective client to buy a life insurance plan. However, this may not be as hard as it seems if you are well-versed with knowledge of the industry and most significantly, if you truly care about the client’s well-being.

There are certain obstacles you may face from the clients as well.

1. You may come across some clients who don’t even consider purchasing a life insurance policy because they avoid facing the fact that there exists a possibility of unfortunate tragedies that can happen to them.
2. Some clients you met would be somewhat aware of the need for a life insurance policy, but perceive it to be intricate and think that insurance agents will simply misguide them into purchasing something they may not really require.
3. Some people may also believe that life insurance policies are a complete squander if the person happens to survive the policy term.

Thus, you must understand that it is normal for people to have their fears and misconceptions. As a life insurance agent, you must act with patience and understanding with your clients and help them move past these concerns. By doing so, you can make them aware of the importance of safeguarding their family’s future.

You must be considerate towards your clients and need to think on behalf of your client. Your main purpose should not be to complete a target, a business objective, gain personal earnings or acquire more clients. This is not the right approach.

You, as a diligent life insurance agent, must think of the client’s needs before yours and that of the company.

The right approach to being a life insurance agent is – Client first, then all else. You must try and truly comprehend what your client requires and then provide them with a policy that would be exceedingly advantageous. This will no doubt help you achieve your business objectives as well as successfully get the deal.

Ways of selling life insurance policies:

Nowadays, agents are not mere salespersons that have to just sell insurance policies to fulfil sales targets and earn commissions. In addition to these roles, life insurance agents also act as financial advisors to their clients. If you work as a part-time life insurance agent, often you may not feel passionate or driven to do your job. Looking at your job as a part-time alternative will not allow you to fully connect with your client. The life insurance industry needs full-time life insurance agents, as the industry is quite demanding and fast-growing. You need to develop determination and have great subject knowledge to create a lasting effect. You will be able to imbibe and portray this perseverance and will, only if you consider being a life insurance agent as a full-time career opportunity.


A life insurance agent who is zealous and motivated will perceive this job as a full- time career opportunity. Insurance companies offer vigorous training and refresher sessions all through your career with them. These efficient trainings help you with the right techniques and equipment to facilitate a smooth client-agent engagement. You will receive training in selling life insurance policies as well as on how to make a deal. With the help of digital sales, your clients can now make quicker decisions with complete transparency in a short period of time.

To excel as a successful full-time life insurance agent, follow the given points:

Tip #1: Training is important

Complete training from the insurance company which will make you understand the insurance company’s products, services and characteristics. Training is not only necessary for you to obtain the license, but also to gather knowledge, so that you can position a life insurance policy as a part of the client’s investment portfolio.

Tip #2: Listen and not just hear

In order to be able to provide the client with the perfect life insurance policy, you must develop the habit of listening intently and being able to connect as well as relate to your client.

Tip #3: Be updated and know the products well

You should have excellent knowledge of the insurance products and being able to advise policies keeping the client’s financial capability in mind. You must be well-equipped with all insurance products and services.

Tip #4: Always be customer oriented

You should revert to clients queries quickly through calls, emails or meetings and gaining their trust.

Tip #5: First impression is often the last impression

You are representing an insurance company, hence always act responsibly and dress well.

Tip #6: Keep-in-touch

Follow-up with your clients and assist them in policy payments, acquiring claims, etc., even after the policy has been issued. Statistics say that a person buys 7 insurance policies in his lifetime.

Tip #7: Take referrals

Take referrals from your clients, especially the happy ones. Approaching another customer with a reference is always easier to convert than a cold one!

To be a successful life insurance agent, you need to provide valuable information and efficient advice to your clients. You have to be client-focused and ensure that he or she receives the right insurance policy that protects the family in future.